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Deputi Sounds Percussion Collection: Create iconic beats with limitless possibilities.

Unleash your creativity and disrupt conventional music production with Deputi Sounds' collection of Kontakt libraries and set your music apart from the rest. Crafting unique beats and pushing boundaries is the essence of any great musical masterpiece/production. That's why we have created a selection of meticulously sampled drum machines that capture their authentic sound, translated into intuitive Kontakt libraries.

These libraries feature samples/sounds from some of the most iconic drum machines ever made. But our libraries aren't about recreating the past. We've also added a feature we call Disrupt™. With the click of a button disrupt will generate a whole new sonic soundscape,  breathing new life into your creation.

All of our instruments are Native Instruments NKS compatible meaning they will work with the Kontakt 7 Free Player as well as Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.

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Unrivaled Sound Quality:

Our Kontakt libraries are meticulously sampled from the original hardware drum machines, ensuring unmatched sound quality and authenticity. Our capture process utilized, Neve pre-amps and Apogee converters at the highest quality.

Intuitive Interface:

We believe that music production should be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. That's why our Kontakt libraries come with user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to navigate and tweak sounds to your liking. Spend less time figuring out complex controls and more time crafting the perfect beat. Our built in sequencer frees you up to efficiently create trigger-able patterns to fit your production/composition inside of any DAW.


Our proprietary disrupt feature comes built into each of our drum machines. By clicking the main Disrupt™ button you will generate an entirely new set of sounds, pitch variations, envelopes, FX and more giving you an endless variety of sound design with every click. We know that total randomization is not useful, that's why Disrupt™ has been tuned to generate results that are musically relevant leaving your drum pattern and volumes untouched. You can also choose to disrupt individual parameters using one of the sub-disrupt buttons, leaving even more of your idea in tact.

That's why we call it Disrupt™.


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